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Hakone day tour

Hakone, a popular tourist area where you can enjoy nature and hot springs with a view of Mt. Fuji


Introduction to Hakone


Situated in western Kanagawa Prefecture, Hakone Town forms part of the Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park. Renowned both domestically and internationally, Hakone is a resort area celebrated for its abundance of high-quality natural hot springs and breathtaking views of majestic Mount Fuji.

Recommended Day Trip Routes in Hakone


【Route 1】:

Hotel - Hakone Shrine - Lake Ashi - Owakudani - Glass Forest Museum - Hotel

[Tour notes]

●The sightseeing routes introduced here are samples. The itinerary will be customized to suit the customer, so please contact us for details via "Online Consultation" or by phone at 03-6416-8968.

●The displayed amount is an approximate charge. Prices may vary depending on the total distance of the sightseeing route,tions, etc.

If you would like a detailed estimate, please contact us via "Online Consultation" or call us at 03-6416-8968.

●Price does not include tolls, admission fees, parking fees, etc. Additionally, additional charges will apply for foreign-language speaking/tourist-certified drivers, meet-and-greet services, child seats, etc.

If you have any other questions, please contact customer service.

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5 Recommended Tourist Attractions in Hakone

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