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About the operating company

Yoatabi is a travel brand operated by Yoa International Co., Ltd.

We will provide everyone visiting Japan with a tour trip that will leave a lifetime of memories.


Message from the President



Our company is still a young company, established in 2016.

We respect diversity and want to carry out initiatives that allow everyone to take on a variety of challenges so that everyone can work with enthusiasm without fear of failure.


Our corporate mission is todedicate ourselves wholeheartedly to work and create happy lives,and each staff member provides enthusiastic and professional service to provide our customers with a moving and comfortable time. We offer travel experiences that you can fully enjoy.


All of our employees will never forget to express their gratitude to the many people who have supported us, and will continue to take on challenges and move forward without stopping.


“Just the key point is the right path, it's not the right path.”

(As long as the path is right, there is no need to be afraid of detours.)


                                Representative Director                                                Yasushi Kondo


Corporate philosophy and outlook

Our corporate philosophy was born out of a deep concern for people's welfare. We believe that travel is not only an opportunity to explore the world, but also a process of balancing the mind and body and pursuing inner human happiness.​


The motivation for our company's founder and president to start a welfare travel business stems from his experience of losing his mother to cancer. Before she passed away, she expressed her desire to travel with her family, but he was a student at the time and couldn't make the effort.


After 20 years, he established a company that operates a welfare travel business, and is now able to help people realize their ``heart's wishes'' such as the places they want to go and the sights they want to see.


Currently, in addition to welfare travel, we are also focusing on inbound tourism business, delivering services that make everyone happy.


Our goal is to provide our customers with valuable travel experiences, promote physical and mental health through travel, and improve the quality of life, with a focus on emotion, health, and healing. Whether you're looking for adventure or peace of mind, we offer the perfect travel experience.


Come on a journey with us to discover your inner happiness and create special memories just for you.

Company Information

Company name:

Yoa International Co., Ltd.

corporate site



1F Hagino Building,2-15 Sumiyoshicho,Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 162-0065


Tel:03-6913-8106     Fax:03-6913-8107


Representative Director and President:

Yasushi Kondo



September 2016​



7.5 million yen (as of March 2024)



Representative Director  Yasushi Kondo


Number of Employees:

36 people (as of March 2024)


Business Contents:

Travel industry, welfare tourism industry, inbound tourism industry, hire business, nursing care business, child development support business, real estate industry, etc.


Related companies/corporate:

Rakutsu Co., Ltd.

International Infant Health Design Institute

International Early Childhood Physical Education Society


Major Clients:

Reiwa Transport Co., Ltd., Activity Japan, GetYourGuide, Murfan War, Friggy, AS International Limousine Co., Ltd.

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