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Spring Cherry Blossom Viewing 3 nights 4 days tour

A seasonal tour of 4 days and 3 nights visiting famous cherry blossom viewing spots in the Kanto area

Spring Cherry Blossom Tour

4 days‐3 nights

¥290,000 ~

Details of Seasonal Cherry Blossom Viewing Tour


Day1: Sightseeing in Tokyo

Day2: Mt. Fuji Sightseeing or Hakone Sightseeing

Day3: Sightseeing in Kamakura or Yokohama

Day4: Sightseeing in Chiba or Saitama

Recommended Routes for Cherry Blossom Viewing Spots


Tokyo Route:

Hotel → Ueno Park → Meguro River → Tokyo Tower → Hotel


Kanagawa Route 1:

Hotel → Amanawa Shinmei Shrine → peony garden of tsurugaoka hachiman-gu shrine

→ Kenchoji Temple → Hotel


Kanagawa Route 2:

Hotel → Sankeien → Kinugasayama Park → Ookagawa → Hotel


Saitama Route:

Hotel → Kumagaya Sakura Tsutsumi → Satte Gongendo Sakura Tsutsumi → Kawagoe Kenkawa → Hotel


Chiba Route:

Hotel → Naritasan Park → Omiya Park → Sakuma Dam Lake Water Park → Hotel

[Tour notes]


●You can freely select the areas listed in the details, but you can only select one area per day, and sightseeing in different areas on the same day is not possible.

●You can arbitrarily choose up to three tourist spots from the sightseeing spots listed in the photos of each area.

●The displayed amount is an approximate fee. Prices may vary depending on the total distance of the sightseeing route, road conditions, etc.

If you would like a detailed estimate, please contact us via "Online Consultation" or call us at 03-6416-8968.

●Price does not include tolls, admission fees, parking fees, etc. Additionally, additional charges will apply for foreign-language speaking/tourist-certified drivers, meet-and-greet services, child seats, .

If you have any other questions, please contact customer service.

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Cherry Blossom Viewing in Tokyo

Cherry Blossom Viewing in Kanagawa

Cherry Blossom Viewing in Saitama/Chiba