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Hakkeijima Sea Paradise
Hakkeijima Sea Paradise

Hakkeijima Sea Paradise

This island ocean theme park has Japan's largest aquarium and thrilling rides. Yokohama Hakkeijima Island Park is an island-type ocean leisure and entertainment facility. It is famous for its aquarium and ocean park, which perfectly integrates education and entertainment. In addition, There are also unique and exciting projects here.

Event start date and venue

May 15, 2024, 12:00 AM GMT+9 – Aug 15, 2024, 11:50 PM GMT+9

Yokohama, 〒236-0006 Kanagawa Prefecture, Yokohama City, Kanazawa Ward, Hakkeijima,Japan

Itinerary route recommendation

  • Recommended route ①: Hakkeijima Sea Paradise~Yamashita Park~Nippon Yusen Hikawa Maru~Red Brick Warehouse
  • Recommended route ②: New Yokohama Ramen Museum~Yokohama Chinatown~Hakkeijima Sea Paradise~Nojima Park

The above itineraries are for reference only.Customized itineraries are available to suit your preferences.

Cost details

  • Hakkeijima Island Paradise One-day Tour 10-Hour Chartered Car

    Fees include: Fuel costs, parking fees, highway fees, driver fees, driver meal fees, first child seat fee, 10 hours of vehicle use fee (including travel time). The fee does not include: Attraction tickets, personal expenses, overtime use of the car, tour guide fees, second and subsequent child seats, driver accommodation fees (if the return trip of more than two days is not in Tokyo).

    From ¥1,500 to ¥67,000
    • ¥62,000
    • ¥67,000
    • ¥1,500
    • ¥20,000



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